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ClickSend has SMS at its core and powers billions of messages wordwide

Via direct routes with a 100% uptime SLA assuring your messages are being delivered on time, every time.

But businesses (and their customers and staff) need more than just SMS

Which is why ClickSend offers a full suite of business communications products to get your campaigns firing on all fronts.

ClickSend provides choice and context for your business communications

Whether it’s by dashboard or API, whether it’s transactional SMS messages at scale or multi-channel marketing campaigns, ClickSend helps you stay closer to your customers and staff.

Automate your business communications ClickSend integrates with thousands of popular apps

Directly, indirectly or built-in with our API you can easily integrate with the applications you already use to engage your customers and staff. Automate repetitive tasks between apps and build a best of breed business communications stack.


We love developers

And they’ve built us into some of the biggest companies on the planet! Jump in and view detailed documentation of the ClickSend API and if you love endpoints and HTTP/REST methods, you’ll love us. You can also download our SDK and view example code. It’s all there.


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