Sales Automation

SMS Marketing Services are the way of the future. Sales and customer service are intrinsically linked, and SMS text messaging can be utilised to full effect to both generate and complete sales, as well as to facilitate optimised customer service for superior customer satisfaction.

Not only does SMS allow for immediate communication between a vendor and a consumer; it also offers an effective channel for sales automation – which benefits both parties.

Use SMS Marketing Services For Sales In The Following Ways

  • Advise the completion of product servicing
  • Notify of item ready for collection
  • Inform of delivery dispatch
  • Notify of invoice transmission and payment due date
  • Broadcast discounts and special offers
  • Encourage participation in surveys and competitions
  • Notify of the arrival of new or ordered stock
  • Avoid no-shows when the product being sold is time.
  • Follow up for customer feedback

Connecting automatically with customers via SMS not only improves their experience of the service offered, but it also minimises costs to the company offering that service. Open and response rates for mobile SMS are extremely high. Consumers are more likely to visit more often, and revenue to the business is enhanced thanks to boosted impulse purchasing.

Lead generation is another entity which can be facilitated via SMS. Sales Leads Software enables the conversion of leads via engagement instantaneously and directly. This allows a business to make informed decisions regarding how and where to invest marketing revenue, as well as to track and report on the impact of said marketing activities.

Sales Automation Can Be Used Via SMS Marketing Services In The Following Ways

  • Track lead information
  • Convert leads to tangible opportunities
  • Assign leads to the right people
  • Follow up on leads
  • Track marketing campaigns across social media and other channels
  • Make informed decisions regarding where to invest marketing revenue

Sales Leads Software is the answer for any business seeking to simplify procedures and track the status of all sales leads. It can be applied to users both in-office and located remotely; employees, sales representatives, distributors and partners can all update leads and their results. The software is secure so that sensitive information is protected. Contact SendStorm today for more information.

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