People Management

Staff scheduling and rostering can be an enormous and complex undertaking, particularly in large industries and institutions such as manufacturing, hospitals, emergency services, and the hospitality industry. It is imperative that communication and management of the employee base be exceptional. Confusion or staff absenteeism can be catastrophic for the running of a business and its bottom line.

SMS can be utilised for enhanced communication with employees and improved productivity of your business. Using Staff Roster Software and People Management Software can mean the difference between staff attendance and absenteeism, it can represent significant savings, and in the case of health and emergency services, it can potentially save lives.

Why Use Staff Roster Software To Deliver Your Staff Rosters?

  • Avoid confusion
  • Improve staff attendance
  • Notify instantly of shift modifications
  • Notify of shift availability to fill absentee shifts
  • Cover busy periods
  • Manage emergencies
  • Manage casual staff
  • Track delivery of text messages (no excuses!)
  • High mobile SMS open rate
  • Reduce costs
  • Offer vacant roster spots to staff who are seeking extra shifts
  • Simplify communication processes
  • Staff on call can go about their day instead of waiting by the phone
  • More reliable than email or traditional voice calling

Likewise, People Management Software enhances the experience for staff as well as employee; community groups and institutions such as schools can also greatly benefit from use of such a system. From management of staff assignments, to notifications for venue changes for class groups or sporting teams, managing people has never been easier. 2-way SMS group messaging is the superior way to make sure everyone knows what is going on – instantaneously and at the same time.

How Can People Management Software Work For You?

  • Streamline administrative tasks
  • Connect employees with employers and each other
  • Provide insight into the running of your business
  • Centralise employee records
  • Build comprehensive staff profiles
  • Create a virtual staff portfolio
  • Manage multiple entities
  • Legislative compliance
  • Track employee performance
  • Integrate payroll
  • Inform all interested parties of changes instantly
  • Keep people updated

No modern business should be without an effective People Management Software system, or staff roster software. Running a business will be smooth and streamlined, for greater success and productivity.

ClickSend can be integrated into any staff rostering software. Get it touch with us today to find out how it can work for your business.

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