Ordering And Delivery

The use of text messaging can be applied to all facets of running a business, including ordering and delivery. This relates to ordering and deliveries between businesses, and also for ordering by and deliveries to consumers themselves.

SMS ordering facilitates faster and more effective transmission and processing of business to business (b2b) orders as well as consumer orders.

How ClickSend Can Be Used For SMS Ordering And Delivery Notifications

  • A defined and authorised phone number for sending and receiving SMS
  • Linking orders to an SMS database
  • Downloading orders and linking to an automated system
  • Send confirmation of order automatically
  • Generate order details and summary
  • Customers order products directly from their mobile phone
  • Perfect for ordering take away food, buying movie tickets, booking accommodation, medical or dental appointments, hairdressing and beauty salon appointments, tourist services, and making restaurant reservations
  • Inexpensive for all parties to use
  • Generate a marketing database

An SMS marketing system can also be invaluable when it comes to delivery of customer orders. Consumers can find the entire delivery process frustrating; time must be taken out of their day to be present to accept a delivery, the timing of which is usually a mystery. Imagine how much more convenient it would be for consumers to receive an SMS at various points throughout the delivery process, allowing them to track their order and manage their time better. Not only will they be more likely to be present when the item is delivered; they will experience much higher levels of customer satisfaction. Repeat business and favourable word of mouth is the end result for your company.

An SMS marketing system provides an instantaneous marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. There is no faster way to broadcast new campaigns, customer specials and deals or discounts, and it can be used to further enhance customer satisfaction (and hence grow your business) after a sale has been completed.

Invest in SMS ordering and an SMS marketing system for your business today, and get ahead of your competition.

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