Alerts & Notifications

Life is unpredictable.

Sometimes life throws a spanner in the works, and things go awry. Inclement weather might dictate that an event be rescheduled or cancelled at the last minute; a technical fault may affect an essential service; traffic issues might mean your child’s school excursion bus is running very late. There might be a last minute change to a staff roster. A natural disaster or public disturbance may impact on transport or other public services in your city. In any event, people need to know – right now.

The perfect way to alert people to circumstantial changes instantly is via an SMS Notification System.

Why Use SMS For Alerts And Notifications?

  • An alert or notification message can be sent to an enormous number of handsets in a matter of seconds
  • All recipients will receive the alert at the same time
  • SMS is compatible with all handsets, from old mobile phones to the newest smart phones
  • SMS open rates are extremely high, and most users will open a txt message very promptly
  • SMS is simple, quick, and extremely cost-effective
  • SMS is immediate and reliable, even in many remote areas.
  • Delivery receipting allows you to confirm receipt of your messages
  • Eliminates requirement for emailing and telephoning

Using an SMS Alert System puts you in control. It can be integrated into your existing software application or be run as a product which stands alone. Recipient lists may be predefined, with templates in place.

Benefits Of Using SMS For Alerts And Notifications

  • broadcast to large groups instantly
  • receive delivery notifications
  • low cost
  • fast
  • easy to use

Automated communication with a large number of employees, volunteers, customers, members and citizens facilitates the mitigation of problems quickly and effectively.

Instant SMS or text messaging is the premium mode of communication for critical messaging. With an SMS Alert System in place, your emergency notification will be delivered immediately. There is no requirement for an internet connection, your message will be received instantly across an array of available handset and device types, and you know your alert will be seen.

Whether you are a multinational company, a community organisation, a health care provider or a local school, an SMS Notification System will be your best investment.

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