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Online SMS Gateway

Sendstorm’s online short message service (SMS) gateway allows staff to send and receive SMS communications from any web enabled computer. Send messages online to individuals or a large number of contacts through our online SMS service, in one simple step. No setup required – be up and running in minutes. Send SMS online with Sendstorm!


Email to SMS

Sendstorm’s email to SMS gateway is ideal for those who use email as their primary communications channel, offering seamless integration with almost any email software. Using our email to sms portal is as simple as sending a regular email. With free trials, you’ll be able to easily see for yourself just how effective our email to SMS solutions are for your business.


SMS Gateway API

SMS Gateway API enables integration directly with business applications, websites and software. Our flexible and powerful set of API’s enable developers to add the ability for their applications to send and receive SMS. Sendstorm offers SMS solutions for your business needs. With free trials and downloads available, get started today.


Microsoft Outlook SMS

The Sendstorm Microsoft Outlook Plugin allows you to send SMS messages using Microsoft Outlook by adding your Sendstorm account. By Installing our plugin, this SMS portal allows email to SMS solutions right at your computer. With access to our email SMS gateways, you can communicate with staff and customers.


Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS can be sent using our Online SMS service, Email to SMS service or through your existing application using our secure API. Simply upload a list of recipients and our online sms service will do the rest. We automatically handle opt-outs through our online SMS software and replies are free.


MS Gateway

Our web MMS gateway service allows you to send and receive MMS picture messages to mobile phones. Send MMS messages using our API or our online dashboard.



Send high volume SMS through our high performance SMPP gateway. If you’re looking for a high throughput SMS aggregator, this is the product you’re looking for.


SMS Keywords

Use SMS keywords and auto-responders to run promotions, deliver info, voting systems & polls, deliver coupons and so much more. Send SMS online to deliver more value to your customers and generate more business. Our SMS gateways are user friendly and provide easy-to-navigate SMS solutions.

Track your Results

Track how Sendstorm is generating real business value through our online SMS service. Our SMS Portal and various SMS gateways allow you to see how your communication with customers affects your business. Access simply great results with our web SMS service.

Custom Integration

Our web SMS service is able to be integrated into a wide range of pre-existing business solutions. Let us know what you would like to achieve and we’ll have you sending SMS in no time! Our web SMS services seamlessly integrate into your existing business communication processes.

SMS Broadcast

Send a SMS broadcast online using the Sendstorm SMS gateway. Simply upload your contacts and click send.


Standard Features Included

Reliable – 100% uptime SLA guarantee
Amazing free 24/7 support
Lightning fast message delivery,
High performance – 4800 messages per minute
Guaranteed delivery with Tier 1 networks
Send SMS online to all countries globally
Customise sender ID
Real-time message status monitoring
Secure 256-bit SSL
Long 1224 character limit
Access to our SMS portal
Upload from CSV or Excel file for bulk SMS campaigns
We automatically handle opt-outs for marketing campaigns
Free fixed number
Free replies
No setup fees
No hidden charges
Access to our online SMS software
Credits never expire
Free low credit warning
Optional auto-topup
Free delivery reports
Free customisation
No setup required. Be up and running in minutes.
Flexible prepaid and postpaid payment options available

Leading Companies Rely On Sendstorm

See how startups and Fortune 500 companies have succeeded


See how startups and Fortune 500 companies have succeeded