Bulk Mail Marketing

For efficient business communication, a bulk mail solution can make all the difference.

The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to do bulk post

Bulk mail marketing, otherwise known as bulk post marketing, can be sent using our Online Post system, Email to Post system or through your existing application using our secure API. The most common method bulk mail marketing can be done is by uploading a list of contacts.


With our SendStorm bulk mail service, reaching millions of people is as easy as reaching out to just one person. You can unlock the hidden potential of snail mail and start mailing documents just like you would do so with an email campaign.


Sending physical mail is as easy as sending an email. SendStorm can become your virtual mail room and more. Find out more about the benefits of our bulk mail service below.

Online Post

Online Post allows staff to send letters from any web enabled computer. Send letters to individuals or a large number of contacts, in one simple step. No setup is required, as you can be up and running in minutes.

Email to Post

Email Post is ideal for those who use email as their primary communications channel, offering seamless integration with almost any email software. It’s just like sending a normal email.

Post API

Post API enables integration directly with business applications, websites and software. Free sample code and downloads are available. Our flexible and powerful set of API’s enable developers to add the ability for their applications to send letters.

Simple Pricing

Bulk mail marketing doesn’t come with any setup or monthly fees. As you can pay-as-you-use with highly competitive rates, it’s a more cost-effective solution than using the post office! We won’t be beaten on price, so let us know your current costs.

24/7 Access

With this solution, you can attain 24/7 access to our marketing and communications platform. Simply upload your letter/postcard/flyer artwork and begin your next bulk post campaign. Anytime, anywhere, our printer centre runs 24/7.

Reasons To Use SendStorm For Direct Mail Marketing

Our bulk mail marketing solution can easily handle all of your regular billing, invoice mailouts, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, marketing materials or prospectuses for shareholders.

You have multiple ways to get your bulk mail out from using our online dashboard, to emailing us to even printing direct to us via our Print-to-Post Driver.

We ensure your bulk post is printed, personalised, packaged and delivered according to your exact specifications Most importantly, we’ll always ensure your materials are posted on time, every time to anywhere around the world!

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