SMS utilities solutions can be used across the energy and utilities sector to automate processes related to workflow and also to enhance consumer satisfaction. There is no simpler or more economical mode of communication between customers, employees, and contractors. Water, electricity, gas, solar, internet and telecommunications providers can all use an SMS messaging service to the benefit of their business and their customer base.

How can SMS utilities solutions work for your business?

  • Reach a large number of recipients simultaneously
  • Reduce inbound and outbound voice calls
  • Send text message alerts and updates
  • Send automated courtesy messages to consumers
  • Distribute staff rosters
  • Fill roster vacancies
  • Send scheduling information to employees
  • Send invoice payment reminders
  • Communicate with remote personnel
  • Send appointment confirmations to reduce no-shows

There is no more cost effective, non-intrusive way to communicate than via SMS text messaging. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and SMS is by far the preferred contact and communication method by most consumers.

Call or email us here at SendStorm today to invest in an SMS messaging service for your utilities enterprise. It will be to the advantage of your staff, your customers, and your bottom line.

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