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Customer service is of utmost importance in every industry, but no more so than within the hospitality industry, including travel operators and hotels.

SMS travel and hotel solutions are an effective way to maximise customer service and consumer satisfaction, allowing service providers and their employee base to communicate quickly and easily with staff, patrons, and other guests. These solutions can be applied for use within businesses including travel agencies, tour companies, hotels, motels, resorts, and other reservation service providers.

Enhancing customer service via text message is a form of SMS marketing. As SMS text messaging is so widely used throughout the world, and has by far the highest open and response rate of any remote communication method, it makes sense to utilise it to its fullest potential. It is immediate, unobtrusive, and incredibly interactive. Statistics show that the vast majority of text messages are opened within half a minute of delivery, and almost everyone has at least a basic mobile phone which can send and receive text messages. This high open rate is critical in the time-sensitive arena of travel and hospitality.

How can SMS travel and hotel solutions work for your hospitality business?

  • Send reminders to reduce the incidence of no-shows
  • Communicate with large groups simultaneously and instantaneously
  • Communicate with staff to improve service quality
  • Administer staff rosters
  • Send reservation details and alerts to employees
  • Send reminders and booking confirmations to customers
  • Send updates and ticketing information
  • Send courtesy messages
  • Invite feedback

Make communications between your staff, guests, and other interested parties timely and fast: invest in SMS travel and hotel solutions for your business enterprise today. It will allow you to deliver a better service yet minimise costs.

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