SMS & Email Marketing Solutions

Text messaging is a superior marketing tool when compared with traditional advertising and marketing methods such as postal campaigns, telemarketing phone calls, and emailing. Consumers respond more favourably to a text message, with the expectation that it will be personal to them in nature and as such warrants opening and responding. SMS is the last frontier to remain virtually spam-free.

Effective SMS Marketing solutions allow businesses to conduct promotional marketing activities via an SMS messaging service. These messages or alerts, if cleverly composed, individually personalised, and appropriately timed, may make a huge difference to the success of a marketing campaign.

How can SMS marketing solutions work for your business?

  • Personalise messages to a vast database of recipients
  • Schedule marketing campaigns
  • Set up automatic bulk delivery of your campaign at appropriate times
  • Tag message responses
  • Generate “on-the-spot” deals
  • Build and maintain a detailed client database
  • Gather user data and create accurate customer profiles
  • Extremely high open and response rate with mobile messaging
  • Encourage customer participation via surveys and questionnaires
  • Build in SPAM compliance
  • Process replies and opt-outs
  • Monitor click through rates
  • Delivery tracking and reporting
  • Increase sales through keyword promotion
  • Save time and money on administration

SMS marketing solutions via an SMS messaging service are the way of the future. Contact SendStorm to learn more about how the service works and how it can be of immense benefit to your business.

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