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Real estate agents are first and foremost in the business of communicating: selling requires outstanding customer service and communication is the foundation of this. SMS real estate solutions and an SMS messaging service are the cornerstone of success in the modern real estate industry.

Real estate agents need to keep in touch and be instantly contactable by tenants, landlords, vendors, buyers, tradespeople, prospects, the rest of the real estate team and other staff. SMS allows for instant, two-way communication across a widespread field of people.

How can an SMS messaging service be beneficial in the real estate industry?

  • Communicate with all interested parties
  • Be instantly contactable
  • Send updates
  • Connect with everyone on your database
  • Confirm client appointments
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Improve open for inspection attendance rates
  • Improve auction attendance rates
  • Reduce the incidence of no-shows
  • Engage tradespeople quickly
  • Communicate with staff, especially those on the road
  • Communicate last minute changes
  • Arrange repairs
  • Send address details
  • Send rent reminders
  • Keep tenants updated
  • Implement into existing software
  • Undertake marketing activities via SMS
  • Save time and reduce administrative costs
  • Boost sales
  • Improve efficiency
  • Maximise customer satisfaction

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, and open rates for mobile text messages are over ninety percent. Response rates are also higher than for any other mode of communication. Text messaging is the premium and preferred way to communicate quickly and effectively with almost all people. Contact SendStorm today to learn how SMS real estate solutions are right for your agency and for your customer base.

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