Manufacturing Solutions

SendStorm is proud to provide premium SMS manufacturing solutions to all areas of the manufacturing industry. SMS text messaging is a fast, affordable, and economical way for manufacturers to instantly communicate with staff, suppliers, contractors, and consumers.

Using an SMS messaging service for your manufacturing enterprise is the superior way to increase engagement whilst at the same time reducing costs for administration and operations. Mobile text messaging has the highest engagement rate of any remote communication method, as well as the lowest spam rate, and the ways this can be applied in the manufacturing industry are myriad.

Using an SMS Messaging Service for your Manufacturing Business:

  • Connect with a single person or a large group
  • Broadcast messages to entire database
  • Send automated notifications such as stock alerts and outage notifications
  • Use short codes to view logistics data and inventory information
  • Trigger procurement alerts automatically
  • Integrate with supply chain management software systems
  • Send template alerts to customers and suppliers
  • Keep customers abreast of progress
  • Implement secure one time passwords
  • Track receipt of messages to staff and suppliers
  • Facilitate staff rostering
  • Automate staff reminders to ensure staff attend shifts on time and at the correct location
  • Streamline cross-team communication across entire employee base
  • Deliver critical messages promptly, all over the world if necessary
  • Enhance produce marketing activities

There is no better system to streamline operations and communications than SMS manufacturing solutions. Give us a call or contact us via our contact form on the website to find out more.

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