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Time equals money in almost every industry; no more so than in the field of healthcare. No-shows represent an enormous financial drain on the system, due to the high costs of appointments, as well as the high operational costs of the healthcare system. This is why SMS Healthcare Solutions are a modern essential for hospitals, aged care facilities, area health services, outpatient facilities, medical and dental clinics, private practices, and complementary and alternative health organisations.

  • Statistically, appointment reminders significantly reduce the number of missed appointments in the medical arena. By sending out SMS text message reminders, appointment no-shows or lateness can be dramatically reduced; this delivers an immediate benefit to all interested parties. This benefits not only the healthcare provider but also the patient and their family.
  • An SMS messaging service can be used very effectively to send patients clinical alerts and reminders; for example, medication reminders. This non-intrusive system can be scheduled and automated for the benefit of the patient, increasing patient safety and satisfaction. Receipt of messages can be tracked by the sender.
  • Additionally, an SMS messaging service can be used to effectively communicate with your entire staff: shift reminders, quickly fill absentee shifts, send roster alerts in advance to agency staff such as nurses, and to reach an entire employee base simultaneously. Statistically, automation of roster communications has a positive impact on business operations. Busy periods, holidays, and last minute emergencies are managed optimally.

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