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There is little that consumers find more frustrating than sitting on the phone in a queue for call centre service. There is little that is more frustrating for call centre staff than dealing with said consumers who, after waiting on the line, are themselves impatient or even angry. SMS call centre solutions offer an answer to assist both entities – consumer and call centre service provider.

Using an SMS messaging service can effectively improve operational efficiencies and reduce administration costs at the same time. It is a proactive, positive step for call centre operators to take to interact with consumers while reducing the demand for voice calling. Service enquiries can be managed more efficiently.

SMS call centre solutions as offered by SendStorm are suitable for use in an array of industries, including roadside assistance, for example. They are invaluable in a number of ways:

  • Improve customer service via convenience and welcome messages
  • Send courtesy messages to consumers
  • Thank customers for recent purchases or bookings
  • Invite customer feedback on product or service delivered
  • Communicate with consumers in the most unobtrusive way
  • Sent alerts for stock or account updates
  • Provide scheduling information to employees
  • Automate systems
  • Distribute staff rosters
  • Send alerts for meetings etc
  • Save time and money

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