Beauty Solutions

The beauty industry is yet another arena in which an SMS messaging service can be an invaluable addition to any business. There is no more affordable or effective method of communicating with employees, suppliers, and customers.

Hair salons, beauty salons, cosmetic health clinics and spas can all improve their processes and performance by investing in SMS beauty solutions.

How can an SMS messaging service be beneficial in the beauty industry?

  • Confirm client appointments
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Allow clients to book via SMS
  • Reduce the incidence of no-shows or late arrivals
  • Communicate with staff, including rosters
  • Alert customers to new products
  • Broadcast new treatments
  • Promote specials to encourage new bookings
  • Implement into existing software
  • Undertake marketing activities via SMS
  • Save time and reduce administrative costs
  • Boost sales

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, and even the simplest model can send and receive text messages. With near perfect open rates, text messaging is the superior way to communicate quickly and effectively, and as it is so unobtrusive, it is the preferred communication method for most consumers.

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