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SMS marketing is the way of the future and it is perfectly suited to the hospitality industry. It facilitates fast and effective communication between staff, guests, and patrons, particularly when applied to bars and restaurants.

How can SMS hospitality solutions be put to work for your bar or restaurant business?

  • Available to everyone who has a mobile phone
  • Communicate with employee base instantly to fill shifts and administer rosters
  • Send reservation details, VIP alerts, and special requirements to staff
  • Connect easily and unobtrusively with your customer base
  • Notify patrons of promotions, vouchers, and special deals
  • Send loyalty points and upgrade information to patrons
  • Increase customer satisfaction for repeat patronage
  • Send booking confirmations
  • Send booking reminders
  • Reduce no-shows by twenty-five percent
  • Advise your patrons that their table is ready
  • Send courtesy messages and thank you messages to customers.

Worldwide, SMS text messaging has become the most widely utilised data application, and more than ninety percent of SMS text messages are opened and read within thirty seconds of delivery. Mobile phone response rates also far exceed that of other data platforms. High open rates are exceedingly important in the restaurant and bar industry.

SMS marketing can be used effectively to lower your costs and to increase customer satisfaction via better and more streamlined services. In the ever more competitive hospitality industry, there has been no more important time to step up and shine in the arena of customer service. Invest in SMS marketing and SMS hospitality solutions for your bar or restaurant business today – it will benefit you, your employees, and your patrons, increasing staff and customer satisfaction and growing your business.

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