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Time is money in the automotive industry, and an SMS messaging service is the single most effective way to improve communication and engagement between service providers and consumers. Much more affordable than telephone calls or post, and much more convenient than these or email, mobile messaging by SMS allows you automotive service providers to instantly communicate with a single customer or their entire customer base.

Whether you are a car dealership, an automotive service centre, a mobile mechanic, a specialist supplier or repairer, or a basic parts supplier, an SMS messaging service is for you.

Why are SMS automotive solutions right for your business?

  • Unobtrusive
  • Excellent read and response rates
  • Communicate with staff and contractors
  • Send staff rosters
  • Communicate with vendors
  • Inventory management
  • Send restock alerts
  • Remind previous customers of service due dates
  • Confirm product orders
  • Notify customers of changes to delivery times
  • Provide quotes
  • Manage appointments
  • Send service appointment reminders
  • Notify customers of vehicle collection times
  • Customers can confirm or reschedule appointments via SMS
  • Bulk SMS messaging to advertise promotions
  • Send coupons
  • Broadcast new vehicle releases
  • Invite customers to test drive new cars
  • Personalise communications
  • Ideal marketing method

SMS automotive solutions exist to enhance your business, improving your processes, reducing the time and cost of administration, and enhancing customer satisfaction with the ultimate result of growing your business and your profitability. Contact SendStorm today to learn more.

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