Transactional Email

Communicate with your customers through a channel that cuts through the clutter to achieve real results. Talk to SendStorm about sending transactional email today.

What Is Transactional Email?

Transactional Emails are emails sent after a transaction, for example:password resets, order confirmations, delivery notifications. SendStorm helps you deliver these emails quickly and easily.


Transactional email is now business critical for online businesses. It’s essential that your emails reach your customers on time, every time.


Send email messages using our Transactional Email API or using our dashboard.

Proven Deliverability

High delivery rates means that your emails reach the recipient as quick as possible.


Scale to any size instantly with the global SendStorm delivery network.

Full delivery reporting

View and track the delivery success of each email individually.

100% Uptime SLA

Access the SendStorm platform 24/7 thanks to our 100% uptime SLA guarantee. You can rely on us.

Reasons To Use SendStorm For Your Transactional Emails.

Target a wide range of customers via the same communication channel.

Guarantee your customer are receiving your emails.

Email Advertising guarantees your customers can easily access your message.

Our bulk email software guarantees delivery.

We are an international email marketing company that have expertise in the industry.

Our bulk email service is customizable and our team will work hard to make it suit your business.

Bulk email messaging cuts through the clutter and delivers a message right to your customer’s pockets.

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